OHS – Workplace Health and Safety

Members are encouraged to famalarise themselves with the relevant State laws concerning Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) or Workplace Health and Safety.  These laws vary from State to State and severe fines and penalities may be imposed for non-compliance.

As there are complex and legal issues involved the AMVA is not able to give advice on OHS requirements for each distribution business.  You are responsible to comply with the law and provide a safe working environment for all employees and any other person visiting your place of work.

Some helpful links are listed below.

ACT WorkCover http://www.workcover.act.gov.au
NSW WorkCover Authority http://www.workcover.nsw.gov.au
NT Work Health Authority http://www.nt.gov.au/wha
Qld Workplace Health and Safety Queensland http://www.deir.qld.gov.au/workplace
SA WorkCover Corporation http://www.workcover.com
SafeWork SA http://www.safework.sa.gov.au
Tas Workplace Standards http://www.workcover.tas.gov.au
Vic WorkSafe Victoria http://workcover.vic.gov.au
WA WorkSafe http://www.docep.wa.gov.au/WorkSafe/


Bob Paton

16 January 2009