Jan 16 2013

Amva Elections – 2012

by Bob Paton in


General Information

The Rules of the AMVA dictate that the members, grouped by Milk Processor, shall elect from their number, delegates to the Association Convention every four years.  As part of this process, the Executive Committee determines the number of delegates so as to provide representation for all groups.

Following changes in the Processor ranks over the last four years it has been necessary to up-date our electoral areas. The revised structure consists of President and 18 Electorates with the new Executive Committee comprising the President and five members each representing a Processor group. The description of these new areas is shown below.

The timetable for the election is:

  • Call for nominations                         Mail out,  by Thursday 17 Jan 2013
  • Close of Nominations                      3:30 pm, Thursday 31 Jan 2013
  • Draw for positions                           4:00 pm, Thursday 31 Jan 2013
  • Close of roll                                      5:00 pm, Thursday 31 Jan 2013
  • Roll finalised                                    5:00 pm, Thursday 31 Jan 2013
  • Ballot papers posted                       5:00 pm, Friday 1 Feb 2013
  • Close of voting                                3:30 pm, Thursday 14 Feb 2013
  • Counting votes                                3:30 pm, Thursday 14  Feb 2013
  • Meeting (by telephone)                    1:00 pm, Thursday 21 Feb 2013

Note: Times are Daylight Saving Time (Sydney local time).

Two nomination forms will be posted to members – the white form is to be used to nominate for Convention Delegate and the yellow form is to be used to nominate for President. Members are invited to consider standing or nominating someone from their electorate either as a Convention Delegate or President.

Members elect Convention Delegates from their own electorate whereas the President is elected by all
 Electorate details will be printed on the Delegate Nomination Form.

The result of the ballot will not become official until formalised by the current Executive members at the conclusion of
the election. The formalisation process is proposed to take place on Wed 20 Feb 2013.

Revised Structure

As from the 2013 Election the new Executive Committee will consist of six members, the President plus one from each of the five current processor groups. Current Executive members are listed for reference purposes only.

  1. President                     Bruce Lorrimer
  2. Lion                             Graig White (was DF position)
  3. CCFA                          Les Whitehead
  4. Norco Co-op               *new
  5. Fonterra                       Warren Phelps
  6. Parmalat                      Jason Massie and Ron Kelly (was NFL position)

The up-dated electorates give us the following expanded AMVA  structure. Current Delegates are listed for reference purposes.

  • President                                              
  • Lion                
  1. NSW Marrickville       Delegate           Lionel Baldock – Marrickvillle NSW
  2. NSW Metro                Delegate           Gary Hatfield – Frenchs Forest NSW
  3. NSW Newcastle        Delegate           Mick Moffatt – Hexham NSW
  4. NSW North                 Delegate           **vacant
  5. NSW South                Delegate           Craig White – Wollongong NSW
  6. NSW West                 Delegate           Bruce Lorrimer – Orange NSW
  7. QLD                            Delegate           Paul Vico – Cairns Qld
  8. TAS                            Delegate           Greg Marriott – Hobart Tas
  9. VIC                             Delegate           **new
  10. SA                              Delegate           **new
  • CCFA (Capitol)                    
  1. NSW                           Delegate           Les Whitehead – Wagga Wagga NSW
  • Norco Co-op                          
  1. NSW North                Delegate           Warren Phelps – Lismore NSW
  2. NSW Mid-State          Delegate           Graeme Richards – Laurieton NSW
  3. QLD                           Delegate           Philip Blank – Labrador Qld
  • Fonterra (MDP)                    
  1. Fonterra – NSW Sth    Delegate           Daniel Martin – Wagga Wagga NSW
  • Parmalat                                
  1. NSW                          Delegate           Ron Kelly – Springwood NSW
  2. QLD                            Delegate           Jason Massie – Maroochydore Qld
  3. VIC                             Delegate           Geoff Dinning – Wangaratta Vic

2012 Election Boundaries for each AMVA Electorate

Lion NSW – North         Lion members supplied from depots situated outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area and covered by the Lion Northern Sales Area, other than members covered by the Lion NSW West electorate.

Lion NSW – South        Lion members supplied from depots situated outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area and covered by the Lion Southern Sales Area, other than members covered by the Lion NSW West electorate.

Lion NSW – West           Lion members working in the areas serviced by Lion depots situated west of the Great Dividing Range including Lithgow.

Lion NSW – Marrickville      Lion members supplied directly from Marrickville depot.

Lion NSW – Metro        Lion members supplied from depots in the Sydney Metropolitan area except those supplied directly from Marrickville.

Lion NSW – Newcastle      Lion members supplied from depots in Newcastle and Central Coast.

Lion QLD                            Lion members operating in QLD.

Lion SA                               Lion members operating in SA.

Lion TAS                             Lion members operating in TAS.

Lion VIC                              Lion members operating in VIC.

Capitol NSW                       Members supplied by Capitol Chilled Foods.

 Norco NSW – North           Members supplied by Norco depots north of Coffs Harbour to Qld border.

Norco NSW – Mid-State      Members supplied by Norco depots north of Sydney to Coffs Harbour, Dorrigo, Guyra, Armidale and Narrabri (includes the previous Hastings area).

Norco QLD                          Norco members operating in Queensland.

Fonterra South NSW          Members supplied by Fonterra depots south of Sydney including Sydney (includes the previous MDP area).

Parmalat NSW                     Members supplied by Parmalat depots in NSW.

Parmalat QLD                     Members supplied by Parmalat depots in Queensland.

Parmalat VIC                      Members supplied by Parmalat depots in Victoria.