Apr 23 2012

Outgoing President’s Message

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Greetings my fellow vendors,

It was with heavy heart and great reluctance that, last week, I tendered my resignation as your President.

Thanks to Coles, I no longer own a milk run, which is a requirement of our Constitution to be President. However, my heart will always be in your corner as I watch from afar the future of our industry.

I am particularly disappointed to be resigning at a point in our history, when we are on the cusp of great change. The AMVA, as you are aware, have been moving into partner products to enhance the viability of your businesses, and assure the future of the vending sector. Our philosophy is “Change or Wither”.

Another very exciting initiative, which is happening as I write, is DAIRY CONNECT. This brand new industry body is in the embryonic stage, but promises to become a nationwide force in the Dairy Industry. In the primary stage, it will be confined to NSW and will replace The NSW Dairy Industry Conference. This new model is based on Dairy UK, which is the peak body in Britain and boasts membership from EVERY sector of dairying and has a direct conduit to Government. Your AMVA has led the charge to bring this innovative entity to fruition and will keep you informed through nativity, infancy and future direction.

Finally, I know that I leave you in good hands. The Association regulars of Bob Paton, Col Lawson and Jeff Betts, have now been joined by the very capable Steve Waller. To add to this talent Bruce Lorimer has been elected as my replacement. Bruce is a fine man of lengthy experience who will fit seamlessly into our dynamic organisation.

It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve.

Robert Young…..August 1978–April 2012.